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flipera new start up business basic func

Basic Business Functions

  • Starting a business guidance

  • Business plan, design and update

  • Authority cooperation,
    announcements, official documents

  • Business funding and financial planning, bank and payment transfer operators

  • Organizing the basic functions

    • administration, financial, software selections, employment issues​

  • Business actions and appearance

    • Customer relationship Management​

    • Marketing and sales support

    • Advertising and communication support

    • Small translation works

flipera digital business tools consultin

Digital Business & Tools

Digital Tool and Software deployment and Guidance i.e. these

  • Google tools, Gsuite solutions

  • MS Office tools and solutions

  • Trello - project management tool

  • Prezi - presentation, video tool

  • Canva - design tool

  • Procountor - finance tool

  • Webropol, SurveyMonkey, GoogleForms, Mentimeter
    -poll and survey tools

  • Wix -web page tool

  • MailChimp newsletter services

  • Video- and Photo production

  • Drone filming (basic&racing)

flipera mission training consulting onli

Connected Web Business

  • Present state and future potential analysis

  • Development and transformation ability analysis

  • Frame of the multilaterally functioning web organization

  • Complexity durable and responsive web organization

  • Web- distance- and digital work and community guidance

  • Practices and routines of a web organization

  • Web work planning and tools

  • Web work leadership / Team leading

  • Working in the Web Organization

    • Remote & distance work​

    • Self-management/steering

    • Freedom and responsibility

    • Trust and communication

    • Wellbeing, Mental & Physical

flipera services online remote work team

People Mastering the Technology and Online Work Makes the Difference. 

Functioning completely in the web and in the networked environment, it requires new ways of acting and thinking. 

Working continuously in the web is not matter about the technologies, as those are only the tools which anyone can learn to use. Instead web work is fully about people.

Fluent web work is peoples ability to absorb and creatively implement various digital solutions, communicate well and maintain their own and team wellbeing in the hectic online environment.  

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