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Online Training




We provide training in all the themes which we have on our
service and consulting display.

The same one thing is not suitable for everyone. 

Therefore we always explore our customers situation as its own unique and individual entity. Our trainings are tailored to fit exactly on the needs of the customer in question.


Take contact with us and throw us a new Challenge! 


If you wish, you get to participate in the planning process and preferably we ask directly from the training participants their opinion on what is needed right now.

Then we design your training service for your people as that is the only right way to do it. 

You wish to have Competent and Wellbeing People at Work and our job is to fulfil that Dream.


For Individuals, Private Companies & Public Sector

Digital Business and Tools

Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Half a day intensive training of project management tool Trello. Put the stuff in order and save time.

Google Tools
Image by Solen Feyissa

Full day adventure with the online Google Tools. Work efficiently in the web with your team. 

MS Office Tools
Image by Tadas Sar

Full day with the main online MS Tools.

Let the team work flow in the web. 

Image by Alex Litvin

Half a day learning of presentation & video production tool Prezi. Your work has never looked better on screen.  

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Half a day training of the graphic design basics in Canva. Give your posts and documents new professional look. 

Bar Chart

Half a day training to add interaction easily in team meetings, work shops, trainings or just for fun!   

Basic Business Functions

Business Plan
Image by STIL


Half a day intensive coaching of the business plan. 

Organizing the Business
Organized Files

Half a day coaching of how to organize the business. What needs to be taken into account in the start and in the long run.

Software Selection
Image by Audric Wonkam

Half a day training of how to compare in structured manner the business software needs. 

Connected Web Business

Remote & Distance Work
Image by Lucian Novosel

Half or Full day training of how to organize the remote/distance work in sustainable way 

Foresight Methods
Image by Drew Beamer

How to see in to the future and make good decisions for you or your company

Remote Team Leading
Image by Chris Montgomery

Full day training of leading the remote team. How to organize the work, follow the progress and take care of wellbeing. 

Team Leader's Law know-how
Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Full day training of the laws which the team leader must be aware of to be successful and to avoid the pitfalls

Great Remote work day
Image by Aziz Acharki

Half or Full day training of how to organize the remote working days so that it gives more than takes.  

Online Communication Skills
Image by Patrick Fore

Full day training of how to improve online presence, perform naturally and communicate well and efficiently when working remotely. 

Challenging situations in Remote Work
Image by Stillness InMotion

Full day training of the challenging situations, harassment and conflict settling in Remote Work Community.  

Bad Remote work day
Working from Home

Half or Full day training of how to recover from a challenging remote work day and find the focus again. 

Self-management and Focus
Image by Jessica Lewis

Half or Full day training of how to plan one's own work efficiently in short and in long term. 


“Excellent Training and the Content exceeded my Expectations. Very well conducted alltogether” 

—  Remote Team Leader
Training Participant from Public Sector