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What we


FlipEra was founded in Finland, January 2020


So far we have not considered it necessary to have a permanent, physical office premises. Mainly we meet and serve our customers online in training and consulting purposes.

Occasionally and when invited we step down from our cloud to physical world in order to visit our customers, cooperators and stakeholders or just to stretch our limbs. 

Sometimes we also propose a meeting in our virtual office or rent a suitable physical space where the team can meet each others or customers. So don't be too surprised, if you contact us and the meeting proposal comes close to you, no matter where you are!


We just want to make it handy for you.

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FLIP means a quick turn around, browsing, somersault, freak out or total lost of Mind. 

FLIP as a term suites excellently to describe the situation which is now going on around the world with organizations and people. 

Several viewpoints, beliefs and thoughts will be flipped completely and various work and life procedures are renewed.

As such, the company name FlipEra reflects to what is happening on the threshold of this new era.


There will be new understanding about the world and working life even though it all does not happen completely painlessly.


Instead it will take some mental breakdowns, snapping, reversal, turnarounds and simply surviving, but also prosperity and new creations.


However, all of this is taking the mankind towards new times and hopefully better ways of acting in life and in work. FlipEra Ltd. is here to ease the way. 

FlipEra was founded by Sari Péry

but she is not luckily alone with all the things that FlipEra does. 

Sari has tight and competent network which stands for continuous support for her and FlipEra. 

The core team is formed by four highly educated, active and multidisciplinary reformers, who all distance work from where they happen to be in. 

The core team is supported by FlipEra's RoastBoard which challenges and roasts the core team regularly. In Great and Positive Way of course!

You can check out more about Sari's professional competence in LinkedIn. 

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